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JC Loewe is a dedicated and passionate consultant for innovative UX design and collaborative team building in Springfield, MO. His unique visions have come to life online for multiple individuals and businesses. He is steadfast in his personal, career, and client goals. As an entrepreneur, he is always inquisitive and studying new topics. He enjoys reading, writing, film, animation, the outdoors, and spiritual practice.

I am a multimedia artist, composer, and designer with over fifteen years of professional experience in all areas of UX design. Information architecture, use cases, scenarios, wireframes, brand definition, design guidelines, prototyping, user testing, quality assurance testing, team building, team leadership, mobile and desktop and responsive and native apps, consulting…I’ve done it all. I’m currently pursuing my MBA with a concentration in Marketing with the aim to build my own agency and other businesses.

I apply the passion and creativity of my artistic projects to user and customer experience design, brand building and marketing, team building, and product development. Read more on the About JC Loewe page.

I also Blog about a range of topics — design, branding, entrepreneurism, business, motivation, productivity, and more.

You might also like to check out my work, such as my UX Portfolio.

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