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How are managers likely to use Organizational Behavior?

In my experience, most managers do not have an education in management or any training in the subject. They have merely stayed with the same firm for years, and received several promotions until they become a manager by title. This does not make one a leader.

Organizational Behavior (OB) is not on their radar at all. Most managers I’ve worked with have taken advantage of policies defined by the Human Resources department (HR) as a means to rid themselves of employees in a manner fully covered by employment law. Other related HR training has been used as a means to control and intimidate. So, based on experience, OB is used by managers very often to their own benefit.

Senior and C-Suite executives seem to have a different temperament due to more education, training, and experience. They have, in my experience, been more concerned about the employees’ roles and satisfaction as it fits into the goals of the overall organization. However, in a large corporate system, it’s difficult for this perspective to carry through to all managers, or for managers’ behavior to be supervised so that they maintain this perspective.

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