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How to define and produce a successful project.


Along with a talented team, I see a project from the kick-off, through delivery, and continued maintenance and iteration.

Project evaluation and definition.

Project kick-off, stakeholder working-sessions and interviews, gathering requirements and assumptions, writing project briefs

JC Loewe

Uniting creative brands, innovative design, and visionary solutions. Contact me.

RSS Entrepreneur

Research and insight gathering.

Research and gathering project insight are essential throughout the Design process

Brand definition.

What is your brand? What has it been an what do you want it to be? We'll figure that out with you.

Brand Design and identity.

Your brand is so much more than a logo. Hand-in-hand with your team, we will design all aspects of your brand and your brand identity.

User experience Deisign.

The user's experience includes every point of contact with your brand and company. In coordination with you, we will design that experience for all your customers.

Graphics Design.

Getting down to the minute details, our graphic designs will support both your customers and your business, making customers happy and loyal and making you more money.

Social media strategies.

Social media is key for your brand definition and market penetration. It's complicated, but we'll help you figure it out.

Digital development.

Web, landing pages, mobile, native apps – we can deliver all your digital needs.

Print services.

We partner with a several high-quality printers. From Design into Print, we cover your project needs.

Want to learn more?

Feel free to contact me.

I love to talk about Design and project ideas.

I am available for many types of projects of (almost) any size.